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Notice: Take time to visit the Triumph Motorcycles, perhaps buy a motorcycle, or two. These pages are not affiliated with Triumph.


Triumph 'T300' or 'T3' model motorcycles rolled off the production line at Hinckley Triumph over 27 years ago. Between 1991 and 2004 many thousands of motorcycles were produced, with many still gracing our roads.

The 'T300 or T3' refers to the engine type fitted to various models throughout it's production, different engine configurations existed, both 3 and 4 cylinder as well as a range of cc's (750, 900, 1000 & 1200). Over the years there has been numerous publications about this classic range, none more useful than the consolidated history, model by model written by David Clarke.

With production spanning many nearly 3 decades the range has acquired a loyal following of owners and maintainers, many of which have more than one model, some three or four; but all very knowledgable and passionate about the range. Visit and join the:


As an owner, prospective owner, or enthusiast (perhaps all 3!) there's a wealth of commentary on across the range. From Facebook to websites, books to the grey cells of knowledgable individuals, this wiki aims to collate and ratify the information by enthusiasts with many years of T3 experience. Maintenance, replacement parts, alternative parts/options, useful tips, updated information are just some of the things you'll find in the T3Wiki pages.

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