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Maintenance Schedule

For the maintenance schedule and intervals, see the Triumph or Haynes manual(s).

Service History Unknown

A T300 model Triumph bought with no service history, or no knowledge of prior maintenance will almost certainly harbour maintenance related problems.

Whilst not comprehensive, this list should help guide any owner to areas that should be checked. If in any doubt, contact a Triumph dealer, a technician (like Clive Wood, etc …) or the experienced members of the T300 Facebook group (they'll like I said that!). Maintenance is described in the the Triumph workshop manual, you should have a copy of this, or at least the Haynes Manual ISBN-13: 9781785210495.


Check coolant, if brown in colour change. If uncertain then change. OAT coolant is available from Triumph dealers. Change the oil, cheap and better than not knowing the condition. Replace the oil filter, available from Triumph but cheaper from Kawasaki (same type).


Rear suspension linkage has 6 roller bearings, two in each dog-bone and two in the linkage fork. If bearings have not been greased the rollers can seize, where the dust/dirt caps let in moisture they can rust and in severe cases cause a failure. If in doubt, remove the linkage, check and resolve ay issues.

  • Roller bearings are available from Triumph
  • Roller bearings are standard sizes and can be bought elsewhere. Avoid ‘cheap’ bearings, use named and well known brands.

Check and grease the swing-arm linkage, grease nipples are located either side of the swing-arm. Remove the dust caps to access the linkage bolts.

Check through obvious bolts to ensure torqued to the right level. Replace / lubricate damaged or rusty bolts.


Check the battery, less than 12.7v you should think about investing in a new battery (Yuasa MF Type), charge it properly as per Instructions. Much cheaper than a replacement sprag clutch Check Alternator and Starter Motor function. Replacement Brushes available from Sprint Manufacturing.


Clean exhaust studs and penetrating fluid / grease. These can corrode badly and be a paint to remove the nuts and or studs when needed. More modern studs are available from Triumph. Use new nuts, and high temp silver grease.